IPSO workshop: the Oceans are at high risk

A recent IPSO workshop titled the ‘international Earth system expert workshop on ocean stresses and impacts’ and co-sponsored by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) resulted in some grave findings for the current state of our ocean ecosystem.  The workshop/conference was well attended by an international consortium of high level marine scientists who looked at a variety of ocean stressors such as overfishing, pollution and global warming .

The results and findings are documented in a report and they are not all that encouraging.  The conclusions are that the state of the ocean is getting dire and many of the current problems facing the marine ecosystem are much worse than thought.  For example here are a few of the key summary points outlined in the report

  • human actions are causing increased hypoxia
  • the speed of many of the negative documented changes to the ocean are near or tracking at worst case scenarios
  • the magnitude of cumulative impacts on the ocean is greater than previously thought
  • ecosystem collapse is occurring as a result of stressors
  • the extinction threat to marine species is rapidly increasing
  • fisheries that are not sustainable or not following sustainability principles should be closed

Here is a link to the executive summary of the ocean report in two versions:  long version / shorter version





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