Greenpeace Brand Sustainability Rankings

Greenpeace has released a sustainability ranking of major Canadian canned tuna brands titled: Lifting the lid on the major canned tuna brands in Canada: Ranking the sustainability and equitability of tuna sourcing”.

The report ranked 14 of Canada’s largest canned tuna companies and only gave two a passing grade (over 50%).  In first place was canned-tuna-rankingWild Planet Foods and in second place was Raincoast Trading.   Falling well into last place was Unico brand canned tuna with a score of 1.7%.  Canada’s largest canned seafood company CloverLeaf fell into 11th place in the rankings.

The rankings were based on numerous factors taking into account the companies commitment to sustainable and equitable seafood, whether the company sourced tuna from destructive fishing practices, if the company could trace the tuna back to it’s source, the promotion of marine reserves and equitable fishing practices and how comprehensive and clear the label was on the canned tuna product.

Greenpeace thinks that the overfishing of tuna for canneries could lead to a real possibility of a commercial collapse of the tuna fishery. While much of the current focus has been on the depletion of the bluefin tuna there needs to be increased attention to the canned tuna found on supermarket shelves.  This report is meant make it easier for purchasers to make informed choices at the supermarket and find tuna that is caught using sustainable fishing methods.

To read the full 2011 Greenpeace report click here.





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