Compare Canned Tuna

Canned Tuna Reviews and Comparisons

There are so many brands of canned tuna available at grocery stores, but how do you know which ones are sustainably caught and produced to the highest quality standards?

Here, we have taken a close look and compared canned tuna from the most popular brands available today. We also offer some reviews and encourage you to review them as well.

Here is a summary chart of some of our findings:

Compare Canned Tuna Brands

Equa Seafoods Wild Albacore Tuna

Pacific Albacore Tuna is know for its taste and quality. Equa Seafoods Tuna is line caught one fish at a time from a sustainable west coast fishery. The tuna is cooked only once in the can ensuring that the natural oils are retained and providing great flavor. Read Reviews


Rain Coast - solid white albacore tuna no salt150Raincoast Albacore Tuna with No Salt

Pacific Albacore Tuna is know for its taste and quality. Raincoast Trading Tuna is caught using sustainable fishing methods (hook and line caught) and is not processed with any pre-cooking or bleaching. You’ll get delicious, high quality canned tuna. Read Reviews


Wild Planet - wild skipjack light tunaWild Planet Wild Skipjack Light Tuna

Wild Planet canned tuna is sustainably caught and manufactured to the highest quality available. It is a great source of Omega-3 and is low in mercury. Read Reviews