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About Tuna Fish and the Canned Tuna Industry

Since the early 1900’s when tuna was first put in a can, it has been a staple food in just about every household. Tuna has become one of the most widely eaten fish because of its widely beneficial characteristics – being both delicious and a healthy part of one’s diet.

What To Ask About Your Canned Seafood

We began this website, in part, because we became interested in all of the selection of canned tuna that is currently found in grocery stores. As we, as a society, begin to become more aware of our food and where it comes from, it is important to ask and find the answers to these questions. Here are a few we set out to discover:

We hope our research helps you to discover some of your own answers, so the next time you’re in the grocery store or ordering your weekly groceries online, you can choose healthy and sustainable canned tuna. Or buy sustainable canned tuna online right here.  Enjoy!